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A credit repurchase consists in buying off your different loans in order to lower your monthly repayments and adapt them to your income.
A lowering of your monthly repayments that can sometimes go down by nearly 60%


Evaluate the reliability of your loan broker; a financial broker has a duty to follow certain rules:

- to respect his duty in giving advice
- moral and financial integrity
- clear communication through the signing of a “broker mandate”


As an actual written rule, the terms proposed by the broker has to contain the following:

-name and address of the client, and that of the broker
- the expected amount of the loan,
- the duration of the loan, the reason for the loan: real estate loan and credit repurchase,
- a statement authorising your broker to mediate with financial establishments in your name
- a free and non committal quote, as long as the client has not signed any loan contract,
- as soon as the offer is accepted and signed by the client, the amount of the loan in numbers and full letters in a large enough font for it to be clearly visible.