A real estate loan is the financing of part or all of a real estate purchase, building project, or renovation works of an existing property through borrowing.
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  • a loan for a specific amount
  • a bridge loan covering the waiting period between buying and selling a property
  • at a fixed or revisable rate over the total duration of the loan
  • established over a long period for a full loan
  • attached sometimes to a personal contribution
  • refundable per constant monthly payments
  • rendered possible with a guarantee on the financed property
  • together with an insurance
  • given by a bank or specialised financing organism

The effective global rate is the total cost of the borrower’s loan expressed in annual percentage of the total amount of the loan. It is an indicator of the global cost of your loan.


A depreciating loan

A depreciating loan is the most popular loan. It allows each borrower to lower both repayment amount and repayment interest in the same monthly repayment.

The in-fine loan

The borrower repays the total amount at the end of the loan, in a one off payment. Throughout the duration of the loan, the borrower only pays the interest fees.
The borrower is bond to sign up for a savings insurance attached to the loan. Towards the end of the loan, the savings are used to pay the loan.
Note that the in-fine loan is generally destined to individuals with high incomes. It is mainly applied in an investment type real estate project.

The progressive or degressive loan

The degressive loan is a bank loan where monthly repayments decrease in time. It is opposed to the progressive loan.

The tier loan

The tier loan, or smooth loan is a loan that allows the borrower to adjust their monthly repayments according to their financial situations, and this throughout the duration of the loan.

The flexible loan

A loan with a fixed rate but where monthly repayments can be suspended for 6 months up to 2 years, after which the repayments resume, adding time to the initial duration of the loan. Monthly repayments can also be increased to shorten the loan’s duration.

The banks bridge loan

A bridge loan duration varies from 1 to 2 years. It’s amount represents between 50 and 70% of the property’s value. Two solutions, either the borrower only pays off interest while waiting to sell the property so as to repay the loan in its entirety. Or the borrower pays off the interest and the capital only when the property is sold.


Your mortgage rate: rent fees and monthly repayments are compared to your income
Your everyday needs: the remaining amount you dispose of after your rent and monthly repayments are deducted.
The asset ratio: the amount of the financing and the remaining capital owed of the mortgaged and non-mortgaged loans to be saved as opposed to the asset’s value
The mortgage ratio: the amount of the financing and the remaining capital owed of the mortgaged loan to be saved as opposed to the asset’s value